Studio house rules and etiquette

Just like any studio, we have house rules and etiquette to ensure everyone gets the most out of their experience. We like to maintain a happy, no drama atmosphere we lead with humility and implore you to have respect for your instructors, staff, and fellow photographers.

By Renting Creative Light Photo Studio for any purpose, you agree to follow our house rules.  The renter of the studio should be sure that all other persons using or occupying the studio are also familiar with these rules and follow them.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • Respect the value and integrity of people and property.
  • We won’t smoke inside the studio, we will respect the space for non-smokers.
  • We won’t break any laws or bring illegal items into the studio.
  • We will report damages, problems, and any concerns immediately to the studio personnel.
  • We will stick to our reserved time or notify the studio in advance if more time is needed.
  • We won’t touch lighting bulbs with bare hands.
  • We won’t cut background paper just to remove small blemishes on the paper.
  • We won’t step on background paper with outside shoes. If outside shoes are required for a photo session we’ll use a towel and water to wipe them clean.
  • We’ll avoid eating and drinking inside the shoot area.   We will keep all food and drinks in the pantry and properly dispose consumable in the trash bins.
  • We’ll respect our neighbours and keep the sound level down.  (Other businesses and residents occupy this building.)
  • We’ll keep track of time when starting and finishing our session.
  • We will indemnify and hold harmless the studio owners for any legal liability or dispute that arises from our use of the studio or in any related  to our use of and presence in the studio.
  • If anyone in our group breaks these rules, we realise this might entail additional expenses or possible banishment from Creative Light Photo Studio.  
  • We agree to pay any regular and additional expenses incurred by the use of the studio during our rental time.
  • We realise some studio equipment is only available by request with advance notice.
  • We will avoid unlawful downloading and avoid browsing malicious websites when we use the studio internet.
  • We will NOT EXCEED the studio maximum capacity of 15 persons inside the shoot area and 10 people within the dining and living room.