Studio Reservation made easy, just fill up the form below and we will attend to your request shortly. As a policy, we request a non-refundable 1,000 peso bank deposit settled at least 5 days before your shoot schedule. If you are in a hurry, you may also call our studio direct line +632.501.2675 or +632.964.0671 to confirm availability.

Can I Pencil Book?

Yes, we allow pencil booking though we prioritize paying customers. We will confirm any pencil booking before accepting new customers, first come first serve applies. If we are unable to reach you, the schedule will be turned over another customer.

Not ready to book but interested?

To make sure we meet your expectation, feel free to ring us and schedule an ocular visit at Creative Light Photo Studio. Seeing the place in person give you the assurance that our space, equipment, and facilities meets your requirements.

Rebooking and Cancellations Policy

Our studio respects the time of our customers, we can only allow one chance for rebooking. The next rebook will be considered forfeited and no refunds.

Payment settlement

Cheque payments only applies for reservations with a 5 day lead time before your booking schedule. Cash ONLY payments for the remaining balance or full payment. Settlements can be done through Bank deposit or bank transfers. Details will be sent upon booking schedule confirmation.

Online Booking Form

Fill up our booking form below and we will respond the soonest possible. If you are unable to use this form, we may be contacted via Facebook Messenger

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